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Monday, August 24, 2009

Photo Props

One of the most important things a seller does to sell work online is take good photos. Photography is really not my thing, but I do try to show the best side of my work. With my new pasticcio resin earrings the photos have presented some new and interesting challenges. Yesterday I experimented with some props. Let me know what you think, what works best?

For me its time to take a break for the evening. Happily the hard work of taking and editing photos is done which means I'm all ready to list my earrings on etsy tomorrow


  1. I personally like the last photo the best - the earrings show the best there, and it's the most close-up.
    But I do think the balloon is the most clever.

  2. Mara - I agree that the super close-up really shows off the detail. I like to pair those shots with ones that show how the earrings hang - I thought the shot glass would work best, but I think that that one turned out to be my least favorite

  3. They are all nice pictures but I think the balloon is my favorite! Very creative!!!