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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Candy Corn Recipe #3

Happy Halloween!!!!
In the spirit of the holiday I decided it would be a good time to feature the next installment of my candy corn project. Recipe #3 comes from the Farly and Sather's (makers of candy corn) website. When I first heard about 'Candy Corn Pretzel Salad' I admit I was scared; candy, cream cheese, pretzels and jello just don't seem like they should ever go together, but I couldn't stop thinking about it and found myself reaching for the necessary ingredients when I was at the grocery store yesterday.
The first layer is pretzels, sugar, and butter cooked together. I guess this is like making a graham cracker crust only with pretzels - that's justifiable. Plus it smelled pretty good cooking.

Layer two features coolwhip, cream cheese, sugar, and candy corn. It resembles my own candy corn concoction from the other day, so I guess I can't knock it.

Layer three is orange jello and more candy corn. I did mess up here and used a small box of jello instead of the big box, in my defense I don't think more jello was going to make this mess better. The only nice thing I have to say about this layer is that candy corn and pretzels are not the weirdest thing I've seen in Jello (That honor goes to corndog jello)

Here is a finished slice. The final report is that this dish is not as horrifying as I thought it would be. Special thanks to Derek and Kim for humoring me and eating a slice. With all the sugar it is really too sweet (even for me and my gigantic sweet tooth) and the salty pretzels just arent able to balance it out, especially once they are soaked in jello.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Craft Race redux

Craft 365 - day 158
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Just realized I forgot to post the update to my original craft race post.

I'm pretty pleased with my improvement. Same set up, 12 octagonal pyramid ornaments. This time my final score was 3 hours, 53 minutes, or 19 minutes per ornament.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Candy Corn Recipe #2

One of my side projects: eating candy corn - normally I just devour it straight up this time of year, but 2009 will be different. I'm venturing out into the mostly uncharted territory of candy corn recipes.

(If you were wondering recipe number one is mix candy corn with salted peanuts and eat like crazy)

Recipe #2 (working title: Sweet monkey love)

Chop up 1 banana, place on plate
cover with whipped cream or cool whip (I used reddiwip in my recipe)
Sprinkle liberally with candy corn.

This was a super yummy snack - I would definitely consider it a step up from plain candy corn.

Clearly I need help in the naming department, any suggestions left in the comments would be appreciated.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wow me Wednesdays - Sagittarius Gallery

One of my life goals, one of the things I've told myself I'll do when I'm a 'successful grown-up' is to pick out a real fine art painting by a real artist. I've always loved going to the high-end art shows, meeting the artists, and dream shopping for someday. Well 'someday' is probably still a long way away and I think I love paintings too much to wait. Luckily, I found new ways to dream. Check out this lovely Art Locket Necklace by Sagittarius Gallery:

Its all the beauty of a full painting, in a tiny package that you can wear around with you. Sagittarius Gallery also paints amazing full size pieces both on etsy and in several exhibitions, such as this beautiful landscape:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Exciting News All Around!

Today, I'm just bursting with good news (I'm sure I have a fortune cookie fortune somewhere that told me about this).

First - tentative no more- I finally got confirmation that I will be at the Edwardsville High School Craft show. This is by far the biggest show I've done (270 crafters each year), I'll be in Gym A, booth AF5 if you're looking for me.

Second - A new show has been added to my schedule. I'll be participating in Ladies Night at the Town and Country Melting Pot October 28th. They offer a four course fondue meal, drink specials, and door prizes. It will be great fun for a group of friends, hope to see you there. See my events calendar for details.

Finally - My pasticcio resin earrings were featured today on! Check it out: here

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wow me Wednesday - breast cancer awareness

As I'm sure you're aware by the plethora of pink items everywhere this month, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Many companies and organizations are doing something special to help fund raise for the cause. One fundraiser that really caught my eye is by the Etsy Plush Team. Can you say plushie boobs?

Proceeds go to the Susan G Komen Foundation. If you're interested, shop fast; looks like these boobs are flying out of the store.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Craft show rules

The first craft show I ever participated in as Candy Calamity was almost a year and a half ago and I can tell you now, I did not know what I was getting myself into! But I'm glad I took the plunge and signed up because now, more than a dozen shows later, I can say that I have learned something at each show I've done. Here are my 8 craft show rules that I've made up for myself to make sure things go smoothly:

1. Bring food! More then you think you'll need. Keep it neat so you can safely eat at your booth, but nothing brings down a show more then a rumbly tummy.

2. Make friends with the sellers around you. You're going to be spending a lot of time together, so you might as well be booth buddies (this goes double for a two day show)

3. Keep smiling! They say that smiling even if you don't feel like it will make you happier, I'm hoping it will also make for happier customers.

4. Print out an up-to-date inventory and take notes on it during the show - track what sells, note what you'll need more of and most importantly: know what needs to be taken off etsy when you get home! There's nothing worse than trying to play a matching game with what's online and what's at home.

5. Don't wear a watch or keep your cell phone clock in easy reach. For me clock watching when things are slow can slow time down abysmally. Also, I have never once accidentally missed that a show was over because I didn't know what time it was.

6. Wear layers, most shows are either too hot or too cold and you won't know which until its too late.

7. Do consumer research. People watch to see what types are at that show, who comes up to your booth, and who sails past without stopping. Which pieces get picked up the most? If a customer seems happy to chat ask how they heard about the show, what they are looking for, and what they like best. If you are super organized take notes for next year.

8. Have fun! I always say 'If I was in it for the money I'd be an actuarial scientist' Yes, I am running a business, but I also want to have fun doing what I do; craft shows can be a blast, as long as I follow my rules.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wow me Wednesdays - indig wood works

I have a post about my fall shows 'in the wood works' that was supposed to go up on Monday, but until that's ready I hope you enjoy these fabulous pendants from Indig Woodworks. I can't stop staring at how the natural beauty of the wood burls pops out with the addition of turquoise.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wow me Wednesdays - spoon!

Yikes I guess this should be the wow me wednesday - thursday edition. I totally blanked out on what day it was yesterday.

When I was in highschool my mom gave me a spoon ring which she had made when she was in high school. It's awesome and I still wear it often. This week I'm paying tribute to all the awesome things that can be made from spoons.

First up JJ Evensen Art who makes these funky coat hangers from spoons. They also have fork hangers which is cool - I appreciate equality among utensils.

Next we have Prime Chimes, who I had the pleasure to meet in person at last weeks Green Homes Festival Craft Show. Their spoon wind chimes are so beautiful and melodic I actually ended up buying some for myself before the show ever started!

Finally we have this graceful fork business card holder from Goorsend Jewelry. Goorsend Jewelry also sells a huge assortment of spoon rings (my first spoon love) I think its safe to say if you want they've got it.