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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Candy Corn Recipe #3

Happy Halloween!!!!
In the spirit of the holiday I decided it would be a good time to feature the next installment of my candy corn project. Recipe #3 comes from the Farly and Sather's (makers of candy corn) website. When I first heard about 'Candy Corn Pretzel Salad' I admit I was scared; candy, cream cheese, pretzels and jello just don't seem like they should ever go together, but I couldn't stop thinking about it and found myself reaching for the necessary ingredients when I was at the grocery store yesterday.
The first layer is pretzels, sugar, and butter cooked together. I guess this is like making a graham cracker crust only with pretzels - that's justifiable. Plus it smelled pretty good cooking.

Layer two features coolwhip, cream cheese, sugar, and candy corn. It resembles my own candy corn concoction from the other day, so I guess I can't knock it.

Layer three is orange jello and more candy corn. I did mess up here and used a small box of jello instead of the big box, in my defense I don't think more jello was going to make this mess better. The only nice thing I have to say about this layer is that candy corn and pretzels are not the weirdest thing I've seen in Jello (That honor goes to corndog jello)

Here is a finished slice. The final report is that this dish is not as horrifying as I thought it would be. Special thanks to Derek and Kim for humoring me and eating a slice. With all the sugar it is really too sweet (even for me and my gigantic sweet tooth) and the salty pretzels just arent able to balance it out, especially once they are soaked in jello.

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