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Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day St. Louis

The 21st Earth Day St. Louis is coming up this Sunday!  This is the first year I'll be a vendor there as Candy Calamity, you can find me in the eco-arts village.  Here's how to find me:

The eco-arts village is represented by a brown paintbrush on this map.  It's just northeast of the Muni covered walkway:
Specifically my booth will be right on that little circle walkway you see in that area.

And here's some great info on how to get there/ find parking:

Including lots of info on how to get there by bike or metro which is great if you are going for the earth day challenge:  If you bring your own shopping bag, reusable water bottle, or take alternate transportation (2 out of 3) you win a prize at the info center.

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