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Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm in the upcycle exchange!

If you are in St. Louis looking for a way to save good craft supplies (and by craft supplies I do mean candy wrappers, plastic bags, and other recycled goodies along with the usual stuff) from the trash then check out The Upcycle Exchange.  They've been hard at work, making a structure to filter craft supplies away from the landfills and toward lucky artists like me.

Look! here I am on the artist's page.

I often get asked what items I am looking for or would like to be saved for me.  I'm working on getting that information into my blog sidebar where I can update and keep current, but until then here is my upcycle list:

candy wrappers, starburst wrappers, dum dum wrappers, laffy taffy wrappers, candy bar wrapers - if no sticky stuff, plastic shopping bags (colors only - no white, beige, or gray) plastic food packaging, (i.e. large candy bags, oreo bags, fruit snacks packages, ramen noodle bags), capri sun pouches, buttons, felt, origami paper, craft paper,

Or if you are looking for the complete list for all the upcycle exchange artists look here:

I am excited to be joining the exchange, and so very grateful to the people who take the time to save their wrappers and supplies for me, candy calamity would be nowhere without you!

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