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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free desktop background cupcake

I have a lot of fun making new yummy backgrounds for my computer and decided to share one with you.
 I made some delicious cupcakes with marshmallow frosting the other day.  After spending a long time trying to get the little curlicues of frosting on top to look just right, I realized they looked soooo cute I needed to take a picture.  It took a lot of patience to pose the cupcake and take a few shots when all I wanted to do is eat them all up.  The cupcakes didn't last long, but I really enjoy how this desktop background turned out.

Uploaded with

It's sized to fit my 17 inch laptop monitor when I set the background to stretch with out distorting the picture.


Warning:  Staring at this desktop background photo for extended periods may cause intense cupcake cravings.

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