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Saturday, July 10, 2010

711 miles of Adventure

I took a wonderful trip last week through out the great land of Illinois: Chicago, Yorkville, Bloomington/Normal, Springfield - we saw it all.

Highlights include: Chinatown, taste of Chicago, fantastic banana hats, hanging out in Millennium Park including a free concert we went to with Laura of Churros con Chocolate , Raging Waves water park, Grumpee's weenie wagon (at highway 71 and I-80 if you need to see for yourself) making sourdough bread with Jason of Breadnesday , (two Illinois food bloggers in one week!)

and last but not least Charlie Parker's in Springfield (our 3rd stop on the travel channels top ten places to pig out) my pancake was huge but manageable, Derek's was a 16 inch diameter monster.  I'm proud to say he finished but declined the Charlie's challenge to eat 4.

I would have made this post 5 days ago but I spent forever playing with the Big Huge Labs photo editors to make my mosaic up there.  Now that I figured it out (and now that I'm back to work in the craft studio) I'm hoping to have some new fancy product photos to share soon

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