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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Upcycle Exchange

Part of the thrill of being a trashion artist is the hunt for supplies. Looking through thrift shops, close out sales, auctions and flea markets for the perfect find. It is nice however to sometimes have the supplies come to you. Thats where the upcycle exchange comes in. As an artist at the recent 'Green with Indie' craft show I feel the upcycle exchange was a success. The basic premise is artists in the show submit ahead of time a list of supplies they could use, be it paint, bottle caps, wine corks or candy wrappers. The list is distributed to people who will be attending the show. The people who bring supplies from home for the artists get a 10% discount at participating booths and the artists get free supplies. I would definitly participate again in the future

St. Louis Upcycle Exchange

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