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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Illustration Friday - spooky

10/15/10 Spooky

Actual conversation:
Me: "I'm supposed to draw something spooky this week, what's really spooky?"
The Hubs: "I dunno.... me, getting up in the morning?"

Craft 365 - day 300

Yeah ..... it would be spooky if I woke up one day to find that my husband had become a decomposing, brain-eating zombie overnight.

and as a bonus:  Last weeks prompt 'transportation' which I drew but then because of a camera failure did not get a chance to post.
Craft 365 - day 294


  1. odd but I like it

  2. Thanks! I agree, these are both pretty odd.

  3. I would be upset if I woke up and found my husband like that, but then I'd start thinking about the life insurance policy, does it apply in a situation like that?